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About the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd


The Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd. is the governmental supervisory mechanism over mining resources in Sudan, and it is the authority concerned with monitoring the mining sector, legalizing and regulating traditional mining, tightening the environmental safety program and establishing social responsibility projects.

The Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company is unique because it is the only entity concerned with dealing with the investing parties in the mining sector in compliance with the approved controls and adoption of strategic management systems, quality standards and excellence in organizing mining work and setting policies and objectives for mining activities in all activities within the framework of the Mineral Resources Development Law of 2015.



To be the main tributary of the national economy with a safe and developed mining industry


Tightening the supervision and control of the mining sector in accordance with international principles and standards, and developing it with the latest technologies while preserving safety and the environment and maximizing the return to support the national economy.


Integrity and transparency