smrc launches a mining extension campaign to the state of Al Gedaref

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The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company launches a mining extension campaign to the state of Al Gedaref, and Ardul stresses human health and environmental safety.

The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd., Mr. Mubarak Ardoul, renewed his concern for the safety of workers in the mining sector, both the civil and the organized, and this came during his declaim this morning at the company's buildings, the launch of the mining extension campaign to the state of ALGedaref, and Ardoul said that a quarter of Sudan's population is related to the mining activity which is great responsibilities on the company to play its role in guidance and awareness to preserve the safety of people and the surrounding environment, indicating that the campaign slogan is your safety and health is more precious than gold, as part of the importance that the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources attaches to maintaining the safety of miners and encouraging them to safe production and emphasizing the seriousness and commitment of the company to the sustainability of the activity Metallurgical,