SMRC proposes solutions to prevent recurring crashes in mining well and loss of life

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The director of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd. in West Kordofan State, Mr. Khaled Dahwi, expressed his deep sorrow for the deaths and injuries of the miners in the "Umm Dresaya mine in Foga area" due to the collapse of wells. Dahwi said that the competent authorities had prevented mining in that area, at a time. Since the year 2019, local communities have rejected the presence of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company to play its role in organizing and legalizing mining activity in the Fuga region, under the pretext that the company has not implemented social responsibility projects for the areas surrounding the mining sites, and the director of the Sudanese company in West Kordofan State called for collecting miners and establishing productive associations For miners, granting them licenses for small mining production and bringing factories with limited capacities 50 or 100 tons per day in order to maintain the production process. Mr.Khaled Dhahoui suggested that the factory be a partnership between the miners and any of the investors, or between the miners and the Ministry of Minerals represented by the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd., indicating that the benefits The expected implementation of this system lies in putting an end to the accidents resulting from collapses in the mining wells, and the implementation of the Mi Agreement Namata “by stopping the use of mercury in mining and preserving the environment, surrounding the product, maximizing the generous returns from government revenues, increasing the mineral’s share of the product, preventing smuggling and collecting miners in specific areas, reducing areas exposed to pollution and confining it to a limited area, in addition to reducing financial, administrative and security burdens, and rehabilitating production areas. Through the application of guidelines and provisions related to studying the environmental and social impact of the project and the preservation and sustainability of the resource through the use of scientific methods in mine opening operations, access to ore and production with environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly technologies.

The Minister of Minerals addresses the celebration of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company on the International Day for Occupational Safety and Healt

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In the presence of the Minister of Minerals Mr. Muhammad Bashir Abdullah and Mr. Mubarak Ardol, the General Director of the SMRC Ltd., the General Administration of Environment and Safety at the company organized a celebration of the International Day for Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace, which falls today, Wednesday, April 28.

The Minister of Minerals said during his address to the attendees that organizing this celebration shows the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources' interest in occupational safety and health issues in the mining sector, he indicated his ministry’s concern for safety and the provision of occupational health conditions by emphasizing the importance of adhering to the legislation, laws and regulations governing the mining activities, which is binding on the need to fulfill the requirements of the environment and safety in mining operations. He called for the necessity of continuing this type of event because of its great impact in raising awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health in the field of mining in Sudan.

The general manager of the company, Mr. Mubarak Ardol, during his speech had referred to the need to improve the mental image associated with mining in Sudan as an activity threatening the environment. He emphasize that this can only be achieved through compliance with environmental and safety requirements. Meanwhile, he praised the government's ratification of the Minamata Agreement to limit the uses of mercury, which poses a great danger to the occupational safety and health of miners. At the end of his speech, he indicated the The necessity of tightening the coordination between the Sudanese Mineral Resources Comoany, the Ministry of Minerals and the Supreme Council for Environment and Safety.

The Director of the General Administration for Environment and Safety, Mr.Muddather Abdullah Adam, at the beginning of his speech gave an introduction to the goals and values that underpin the celebration of the International Day for Occupational Safety and Health, He said that this year's celebration aims to combat the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace, and it comes at a time when the infection rates of the Corona pandemic have increased. He emphasized that his administration used to celebrate this day in order to consolidate the culture of occupational safety and health and raise awareness of environmental and safety requirements. In the same context, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Rahma gave a lecture on dealing with the Coronavirus, followed by Dr. Moaz Sharfi with a lecture on mental health and work pressure.

Preventing the use of mills and mixers

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Preventing the use of mills and mixers in residential and agricultural areas of the Nile River State


The Governor of the Nile River State, Dr. Amna Ahmed Al-Makki, issued a temporary state decree banning the use of mills and mixers in artisanal mining waste in residential, agricultural, and grazing areas and thiourea in mining areas. According to this decree, the use of thiourea or any other chemicals and the use of mixers in the mining process in residential, agricultural and pastoral areas are prohibited. The decree also prohibits the storage and grinding of in residential, agricultural, and grazing areas. The decree gave all workers in the concerned sector 15 days to transfer the waste of their artisanal mining activities from their sites to the licensed markets for treatment through licensed companies in accordance with the environmental requirements that regulate this. Furthermore, the decree outlined the stipulated penalties starting with imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and/or a fine of SDG 50,000. In addition to the confiscation of lands and the tools or means used in the violation in favor of the government of the Nile River State, the decree also granted the relevant authorities the full authority to prevent violators from working and practicing any mining activity at the site of the violation or in the entire Nile River State.


The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd. achieves (22.88 billion pounds - 60 million dollars) from collection revenues in the first quarter 2021

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The General Director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd., Mr. Mubarak Abdel-Rahman Ardoul, announced that his company has achieved $ 60 million from gold collection revenues in the first quarter of 2021. The first quarter of the current year exceeds all that has been achieved in the past year 2020, praising in this regard the great effort that the company’s workers have made in the HQ and in the production areas in the various states of Sudan, despite the raging targeting campaigns that the company has been exposed to on social media sites. From those who are ignorant of the national roles played by the mineral resources, Mubarak Ardoul renewed his confidence in the workers to achieve the budget for the year 2021, which is estimated at 104 billion pounds, equivalent to more than 273 million dollars, indicating that the company have many challenges that are expected to be overcome for the benefit of the Sudanese people which contribute to handling the economic crisis and living distress, as well as to contribute to solving electricity and fuel problems and the salaries of workers in countries. Ardul expressed his appreciation for the great cooperation he finds from the ministries of finance and minerals, which reflected positively on the achievement of mineral resources for these successes.


Ministry of Minerals praises the policies of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd

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The Ministry of Minerals praises the policies of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd. and highlighted its contribution to the improvement of the national economy

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals, Professor Abdullah Kodi, expressed his satisfaction with the high level of technical and professional development that is exhibited by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd., in helping to promote the mining sector in Sudan. His comments came during his inspection of the workflow of the company's buildings. He further added that the high level of organization in the company reassured him of its ability to contribute to the advancement of the national economy, and pledged to help overcome the obstacles facing the company. Professor Abdullah Kodi went on to announce the Ministry's intention to form a committee to remove intersections and laws that violate the Constitution and submit its recommendations to the Council of Ministers, and reiterated that resources and mineral wealth are an inherent right of the central government, demanding from the governors their highest level of commitment. Additionally, The Undersecretary stressed the need to facilitate procedures for investors for the benefit of the state

The General Director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company, Mr. Mubarak Ardol, addressed the obstacles facing the company, calling for the need to correct some administrative conditions, address distortions and limit the bureaucracy that was negatively reflected. On delaying the renewal of contracts with some companies, which casts a negative shadow on production, Ardol considered the visit of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals a positive push for more bids and improvement and the implementation of plans and programs within the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company 🔸 #SMRC * *