The Minister of Minerals addresses the celebration of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company on the International Day for Occupational Safety and Healt

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In the presence of the Minister of Minerals Mr. Muhammad Bashir Abdullah and Mr. Mubarak Ardol, the General Director of the SMRC Ltd., the General Administration of Environment and Safety at the company organized a celebration of the International Day for Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace, which falls today, Wednesday, April 28.

The Minister of Minerals said during his address to the attendees that organizing this celebration shows the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources' interest in occupational safety and health issues in the mining sector, he indicated his ministry’s concern for safety and the provision of occupational health conditions by emphasizing the importance of adhering to the legislation, laws and regulations governing the mining activities, which is binding on the need to fulfill the requirements of the environment and safety in mining operations. He called for the necessity of continuing this type of event because of its great impact in raising awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health in the field of mining in Sudan.

The general manager of the company, Mr. Mubarak Ardol, during his speech had referred to the need to improve the mental image associated with mining in Sudan as an activity threatening the environment. He emphasize that this can only be achieved through compliance with environmental and safety requirements. Meanwhile, he praised the government's ratification of the Minamata Agreement to limit the uses of mercury, which poses a great danger to the occupational safety and health of miners. At the end of his speech, he indicated the The necessity of tightening the coordination between the Sudanese Mineral Resources Comoany, the Ministry of Minerals and the Supreme Council for Environment and Safety.

The Director of the General Administration for Environment and Safety, Mr.Muddather Abdullah Adam, at the beginning of his speech gave an introduction to the goals and values that underpin the celebration of the International Day for Occupational Safety and Health, He said that this year's celebration aims to combat the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace, and it comes at a time when the infection rates of the Corona pandemic have increased. He emphasized that his administration used to celebrate this day in order to consolidate the culture of occupational safety and health and raise awareness of environmental and safety requirements. In the same context, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Rahma gave a lecture on dealing with the Coronavirus, followed by Dr. Moaz Sharfi with a lecture on mental health and work pressure.