SMRC proposes solutions to prevent recurring crashes in mining well and loss of life

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The director of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd. in West Kordofan State, Mr. Khaled Dahwi, expressed his deep sorrow for the deaths and injuries of the miners in the "Umm Dresaya mine in Foga area" due to the collapse of wells. Dahwi said that the competent authorities had prevented mining in that area, at a time. Since the year 2019, local communities have rejected the presence of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company to play its role in organizing and legalizing mining activity in the Fuga region, under the pretext that the company has not implemented social responsibility projects for the areas surrounding the mining sites, and the director of the Sudanese company in West Kordofan State called for collecting miners and establishing productive associations For miners, granting them licenses for small mining production and bringing factories with limited capacities 50 or 100 tons per day in order to maintain the production process. Mr.Khaled Dhahoui suggested that the factory be a partnership between the miners and any of the investors, or between the miners and the Ministry of Minerals represented by the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd., indicating that the benefits The expected implementation of this system lies in putting an end to the accidents resulting from collapses in the mining wells, and the implementation of the Mi Agreement Namata “by stopping the use of mercury in mining and preserving the environment, surrounding the product, maximizing the generous returns from government revenues, increasing the mineral’s share of the product, preventing smuggling and collecting miners in specific areas, reducing areas exposed to pollution and confining it to a limited area, in addition to reducing financial, administrative and security burdens, and rehabilitating production areas. Through the application of guidelines and provisions related to studying the environmental and social impact of the project and the preservation and sustainability of the resource through the use of scientific methods in mine opening operations, access to ore and production with environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly technologies.