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The Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Ltd. is the governmental supervisory mechanism over mining resources in Sudan, and it is the authority concerned with monitoring the mining sector, legalizing and regulating traditional mining, tightening the environmental safety program and establishing social responsibility projects.

The Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company is unique because it is the only entity concerned with dealing with the investing parties in the mining sector in compliance with the approved controls and adoption of strategic management systems, quality standards and excellence in organizing mining work and setting policies and objectives for mining activities in all activities within the framework of the Mineral Resources Development Law of 2015.

Environment & safety

Works to implement environment, safety, occupational health and social responsibility systems by supervising and controlling mining sector, insuring the effectiveness of the application of those systems in line with international standards and national laws, regulations and legislations.

The strict and supervision

Tightening the supervision and control of the mining sector in accordance with international principles and standards and developing it with the latest technologies while preserving safety and the environment and maximizing the return to support the national economy.

Social responsibility

To fully implementing its social responsibility through helping local government and local cooperation groups by establishing required project and support to ensure sustainable development

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A fruitful meeting at the headquarters of the Mineral Resources Company to address the local community issue in Umm Bader area in North Kordofan State..

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Mineral Resources launches medical services for workers through direct contracting..

The Director General of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources Limited, Mubarak Abdul Rahman Ardoul, reiterated the need to move forward in enhancing the job satisfaction..More


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Mining license

A bankable and technical feasibility study
A development plan in accordance with international standards and engineering principles
Formation of the production company The formation of the board of directors of the production company
Addressing the minister to obtain a mining license

Operational bidding

Submit an application signed by the general manager of the company concerned and stamped with the company's seal
Attaching a statement of liabilities indicating the quality and quantity of requirements
Ensure financial fulfillment
Ensure the validity of the agreement

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Minerals in Sudan ... enormous wealth, how can we exploit them?

Many of the countries that have progressed in the field of economy and development, industry had a prominent role in that progress and growth, and one of the largest pillars of industry, the most important of which is mineral wealth, in which factories are established and from which various industries and components are produced. Riches, such as South Africa, Tanzania and Morocco. Most of these countries or most of them have certain mineral resources, despite this; they had the effect of reviving their economy.

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